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I had three heart attacks

( The last one was three years ago) .Since it is a shocking experience, panic attacks prior to heart attacks are very common ( about 50%). The more you know on the subject, the more you get rid of your fears. Whenever I began to learn something on the subject, I began to get rid of ( some of ) my fears. They just became groundless. Also the more you learn (and develop) your limits the more you get rid of your fears.

Secondly, may be as a result of those fears, people usually feel pain in chest area. Of course every pain in chest area must be seriously taken into consideration. This consideration may lead to extreme sensitiveness on the subject. My doc repeats all the time that, one who had a heart attack knows very well the pain which leads to the crisis. It is this pain that we have to be sensitive about. Stabbing pains, as far as I know, are not important.
You can read on the subject in internet and learn more from such sites as:

I am sure as time goes by you will be stronger both phsically and mentall

can any one help me?

i have always loved sex and masturbation and having erections since age 12. and have had regular activities. i am 57. and have noticed my erections are getting weaker. sometimes i masturbate standing up and it is quite difficult for a climax. it is a bit easier lying on bed but this morning i applied direct stimaulatin and it became a bit stiffer but once i started masturbating it became weak and i couldnt come. is this going to be my future life
any suggestions guys. i live in uk

may I add, panic attacks occur more often “After” the heart attack

not before it is normal and most everyone has this paranoia who the hell wouldn’t but as the other writer puts it you begin to loose that fear, as you live with it.
You did not mention the course of treatment you received after the attacks Did you have Angioplasty, or stents installed in the blocked arteries or By-pass or what if anything was done. Do you carry Nitro Glycerin tabletswith you at all times If you are back at work doing strenuous work you absolutely should have this medication, just in case Also in my own case I use a Nitro G, patch, when I know I will be doing things of a physical nature yard work and such.

More than likely you are feeling pains you always had, but never noticed before the attack your mind is now alert to any ,even the slightest of painsand indigestion will really up your fear level, if you are not sure about it use a teaspoon of Baking Soda,in a glass of water, to alleviate the gas that will eliminate that as a cause of pain. Such pain is very similar to angina.
I lived with angina pain for over 5 years trying to Nutrient it away when I turned 65 ,I decided I do not have enough time left to cure myself with diet, generic azithromycin 250mg, exercise and Vitamins. For one without exercise the matter only gets worse and when you have angina you are very limited on what or how much you can do. As much as I believe in trying the natural way of helping ones self with this I am convinced that Angioplasty and stents are a more realistic approach, if you want to be active. In my own case I have 10 times more durance after the stents and I am increasing my physical endurance through activity to even a higher level.

Prayer for $ needed [fast]

canadianshoppersi am peeved today i broke my walking stick. grant u i got about 6 months out of a stick i found in the field, so it isn’t too bad but i need to use something to walk with and now i have to wait to get another one, i can get a can for 35$ and think i will have to go get one but i hate spending money that i don’t really have. and i like the walking stick better but anyway i know i will make out okay. i am going out to Shoppers canadian pharmacy store on Mon to see what i can get. anyway i better go i was at my friends all day adn i am exhausted.

I am not completely impotent yet

but have slowed down tremendously in my frequency ability since about my early forties. Now I find that women in my age range (50s) want sex much more than I am able to provide. Twenty years ago my sex drive was always higher than women I was dating. Now the roles have reversed. It is hard to deal with.

There have been guys on here who have mentioned that their relationships ended over this issue. You sound like the kind of person who can live with it, which is refreshing to hear. I don’t think your BF is on an ego trip. His fears are pretty normal given what’s happened to him — especially if he’s been active in the past. Maybe you can think of the equivalent as a woman losing her hair. It’s terrible for a man, but much more devastating to a woman.

Just reassure him that you can get past what’s happening to him. Make a game of researching some possible solutions together. He probably hasn’t tried everything. When he learns to trust that you won’t leave him over this, I’m sure he’ll relax.


For what you are describing, a hypnotist trained in Elman’s Hypno-nalysis techniques for non-organic sexual issues will work very quickly and easily, learn more here #1 Canadian pharmacy. I have been extremely successful with sexual issues in the office — 19 of 20. My single “failure” was a radical prostatectomy that had some “nerves” cut (i.e. it was an “organic” issue).

I have 1 man (that I am aware of) that has used the “Stress Free Sleep with Comprehensive Self-Improvement” and the “Wet Dream Project” CDs to successfully eliminate the ED. I have another that has not reported back yet.

I am recording material for specifically eliminating male and female sexual issues — “Fertlity for Women” and “Stud” (better performance and stamina for men).

Cialis was approved in the US several months before Christmas

I received my 5 20 mg tabs from my internist Dec 29. So far, I am disappointed because of the enduring nature of the side effects, although I have only used 2 10 mg doses so far. I have gone back to using Viagra which for me is more predictable. I get excellent results with 25 mg of Viagra or 5 mg of Levitra. Some day soon, I will give Cialis another try.

Well, it has now been 5 weeks and 5 days since my implant

(I am age 50, type II diabetic, and using injections for about 8 years. The uro first suggested an implant about 3 years ago.)
I saw the doctor on Thursday. He basically told me to go to it!
Of course, I had to work Thursday night. What else would you expect?
The opportunity finally arrived on Saturday morning.
With great anticipation, we pumped it up and plunged it in.
Does it work? Hell yes!
Is it cold? Absolutely not. The liquid is stored beside the bladder. It was a warm 98.6!
Can you cum with an implant. Yes! And cum and cum and cum! She is still dribbling!
(It had been 2 years since we had really good sex, even with injections. At the end, the injections only lasted a couple of minutes.)
Did you have problems peeing? Not for a minute.
Would you do the surgery again? In a heart beat!
Did you have pain? Yes. And there still is some pain. Is it worth it? I guess it depends on exactly how much you want to have sex.
Did she enjoy it? The neighbors thought so!
Does she consider it not my penis? Looks like my penis.
Yes, it was worth all the pain, discomfort, time off work, etc.
What kind of implant? AMS 700 3-part.
Please direct specific questions directly to me!

Cialis has been available for a long time in Australia

My experience is that when taken as a ‘once-off’, it produces a less firm erection. When taken semi-regularly, it builds up in your system and produces impressive results.

It gives me a headache for 24 hours.

For once – off use, I prefer Viagra or LeVitra. LeVitra if you eat or drink an hour or two before sex.

I am at the same stage as you

I have split a 20 mg pill. I still have 9 left from my initial perscription. First dose was very disppointing. I almost felt like I was on my own, but I was tired and my wife wasn’t all that interested and I just had to try it. The next dose, 48 hours later presented better results, and I had an erection the next morning – good enough for sex, but again no enthusiasm from my better half so not a good test. My understanding is that this drug, more than Viagra and Levitra, builds up in the system and provides better results the more you use it. I did notice a spontaneous erection late in the afternoon the day after the second dose. That hasn’t happened in a long while, so maybe there is some truth to that.

So for me it is early to say, but I vote for Levitra as a slim winner over Viagra due to more consistent results, with Cialis a distant third. But again, it’s early. I feel fortunate that I have three options and look forward to testing, testing and more testing ;)

Haven’t heard from anyone using Cialis

I had my first experiences recently with 2 10 mg sample doses (the sample from Lilly included 5 20 mg tabs and I split one tablet in half). I came away disappointed with the results: 1) although I get a firm erection from 100 mg of Viagra or 40 mg of Levitra, I did have an erection from the Cialis, but not as pronounced or firm. 2) I was told by the internist that the side effects of the Cialis would be less, and that after initially taking the tablet, the side effects would diminish after a few hours. That was not my experience. During eachof the whole 36 hour periods I had mild headache and stuffy nose, to the degree that I was uncomfortable during most of that time period. Having tried the sample x2, I fail to see what the benefits are of Cialis. I would be interested in hearing from others who are users of Cialis and what they think the advantages of Cialis are.

I have tired both Viagra and Levitra

25mg Viagra and 5 mg Levitra. Get excellent response from both. Same side effects from both (mild headache and stuffy nose). The side effects from these two endure pretty much through the period that the medications are effective. I want to hear from our non USA members who have tried Cialis whether Cialis has the same side effects. Does one have the side effects for the duration of the effectiveness of the Cialis (like 36 hours I hear?)? I can’t imagine having headache and stuffy nose for an entire weekend.

I already wrote you about this

and I wanna reemphasize, the reason for the implant is you can’t get hard, That is reason enough, and if you’ve tried everything else, or most of the things available, it is justified.

I/we’ve found that

my penis is much more vascular on the right side than on the left. If she injects me on the right side, the chance of hitting a vein is about 1 in 3. If we do the left side, then it’s only 1 in 6. That’s kinda strange!

She does the injection because she’s the “Keeper-of-the-Equipment” and we make it part of our foreplay. Never fails to fascinate or turn her on to watch it erect … and stay hard for hours.

Low testerone harmone level

You’re most probably suffering from a low testerone harmone level. Call your doctor, get a blood test to measure this. If this is the case I believe there is medication to help.

Is this impotency or not?

IĀ“ve never had a really strong sexual desire. 12 years ago just about turning 40 the little desire I had started to diminish and has so done that nowadays absolutly nothing can arouse me. I get erections at night and in the mornings and I look a lot at women. I cant feel deisire or lust only longing and yearning. My dick is apperently ok but nothing turns me on. Viagra 50mg or Cialis 20mg has little or no effect on me. What would you call this? Is this to be impotent or is this something else? Does anybody recognise this?

Tri-mix, muse and the other injectables and suppository types???

I can probably ask my regualr Dr. for one or the other. What might be the best to try. I love the idea of a two hour erection. I’m usually ready to go again after 30 minutes.

Alternatives to Viagra that work?

Hi I just found this blog and thought I would ask a question of you all. I hope that it is not repeating something that has been discussedĀ  before and appologise if I am repeating something much discussed, as I would guess it has..

I am looking for something that I can use instead of Viagra, something that is natural if possible, what you think about sildenafil citrate, vigora, viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors? Maybe tadalafil? Have read some things on the interweb that claim all sorts of things but my gut feeling is that these are probably scams.
Anyone got any reccomendations for me please?


Thank you!


Follow the sites of the manufactures of the drugs. At least they list them. If you want to buy drugs from China and India. I looked at the site and traced it to many countries. Your choice. Some day we will be hit again from one of these countries which supply our drugs and candy. Beware of candy from other countries. But back to the drugs. It is your choice. Read up on the company and its suppliers.
They do not care if it is the pure drug or not. They are only in it for the money.
Good luck

I am googled it too and found out that

its a Korean made product and is similar to cialas in regards to having a longer life in the body, but they did something to alliviate the severe leg cramps, backaches and headaches you get with cialis.

Sounds like if Cialis worked wll for you this will also, but will not be as horrendous in regards to the side effects. The FDA has not approved it yet for use in the usa

I did a quick search on google and found a great many listings

however I did not come across anything relating to its availability in the US. It isn’t as if we were short on medication in this country and the costs of launching a new ED pill costs a great deal of money. If it is superior to what we have currently I wish they would going.


Does anyone know where to purchase “Zydena”? It is a new erectile dysfunction drug from Korea but not sold in USA. Reports indicate it has fewer side issues, lasts longer, and is more effective than those currently on the market. I have posted this to many groups but no results. Thanks.